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We believe when entrepreneurs get together, magic happens.

Imagine 1500 passionate and influential entrepreneurs and business leaders in Seattle, New York and San Francisco gathered together to strengthen each other business and ventures.  That’s BizTechDay, an intensive one-day experience where entrepreneurs meet to inspire and be inspired by each other.

We believe when brilliant business ideas meet innovative technology, magic happens.

We believe when you have great people you trust, like and want to see you succeed around you, magic happens.

Meet someone who will change your business.

At BizTechDay, you will meet influential business leaders, journalists, business development contacts from large and small companies, government representatives and of course passionate entrepreneurs.

BizTechDay is YOUR show!

We do everything we can to bring you the most amazing entrepreneurs, the most provoking business thoughts, the most practical business knowledge, and real personal stories and experiences to help grow your business.

What will you experience?

Throughout BizTechDay, you will:

  • Meet inspiring presenting entrepreneurs and speakers
  • Learn the Impactful business topics
  • Watch innovative technology demos
  • Meet the Media during lunch
  • Meet business developments contacts from large and small companies
  • Meet government representatives

Read our detailed program for Seattle, New York and San Francisco.

BizTechDay Core Values

As BizTechDay grows as a national event, it has become more and more important to explicitly define our core values from which we develop our purpose, direction, culture and our ultimate vision for the entrepreneur community.

These are the FIVE core values that BizTechDay worldwide events will live by:

  1. Be Connected – We believe we can achieve more connecting, learning and working with great people we trust.
  2. Be Passionate – We are passionate because we believe in what we are doing. We believe we are making an impact by bringing amazing entrepreneurs together.
  3. Deliver WOW — Through experience we seek to WOW our communities, customers, our co-workers, our partners and our sponsors.
  4. Be the Change – Change is a part of the entrepreneurial journey. We embrace change. We are the change makers.
  5. Have Fun – Life is short. Creating business is fun! If you are not having fun – why do it?

BizTechDay San Francisco

The BizTechDay San Francisco Conference & Festival, held annually in San Francisco, is the birthplace of BizTechDay.

The annual conference in San Francisco brings together the most fascinating entrepreneurs and doers who have been there and done that. They are committed to helping other entrepreneurs by sharing their practical business strategies, experiences and personal stories.

Some of our past speakers include Craig Newmark – Founder of Craigslist, Tim Ferriss – Author of the 4-Hour Workweek, Michael Gerber – Author of the eMyth, Scott Heiferman – Founder of Meetup, Kevin Rose – Founder of Digg, Matt Mullenweg – Founder of WordPress and many many more exceptional entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into reality.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best and brightest entrepreneurs to come share their stories, experiences and strategies.

What did our past attendees say…

Melody Biringer Melody Biringer
“I found out about BizTechDay on Tuesday and flew to San Francisco on Friday to attend. It just sounded like an event i couldn’t miss. Tim Ferriss was the keynote and he came back for happy hour and just talked to the crowd for over an hour. I got to ask him a question about my dreams to move to Amsterdam. He told me to start a business there to help pay for travel expenses (since the euro is in my favor over there). Right after that i went to Amsterdam started a business and i am going again in a few weeks for my launch of our first CRAVE Amsterdam book. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for BizTechDay for making it possible to ask the experts up close and personal.

Learn more about Melody at The CRAVE CompanyTech Mavens

Lara Feltin Lara Feltin
“I attended the a BizTechDay in San Francisco and was impressed by the caliber of the speakers, the breadth of topics covered, and the enthusiasm and openness of the event attendees. The organizers certainly know how to attract an awesome group of people. The outcome is a powerful mix of engaged participants and content you can’t find elsewhere. If you’re not going for the speakers, then go for the networking. You won’t regret it.”
Learn more about Lara at Biznik Cofounder & CEO
MatthewSteinbrueck Matthew Steinbrueck
“I had a powerful experience at BizTechDay last year in San Francisco. It was great to be at an event with hundreds of other entrepreneurs. There was a feeling of camaraderie and common purpose there. The practical real world information I got at BizTechDay, along with the social proof of meeting other successful people has helped me to focus on my own new projects. I met cool people and learned the latest technology and innovations to apply to my businesses. I am excited to attend this upcoming event in Seattle.”

Learn more about Matthew at Ravens Nest Treasure, Steinbrueck Native GalleryPres. Rural Area Kids Org, USA

“WOW! I was not sure what to expect – but I loved the many different elements in the day. I enjoyed that it was short topics  so you got a taste of many things during the day and could then follow up where interested at the networking session.”

“The energy & enthusiasm were high. The speakers were really engaged. It was all great – the keynote, the sessions, the mini genius sessions. All fantastic.”

“So many experts that share what works for them. Valuable up-to-date technical information that an entrepreneur like myself can really use. Lots of encouragement also to see so many other entrepreneurs in this turbulent time, so committed, and enthusiastic!”

How It All Started  - Story from Edith Yeung

Edith Yeung3 years ago, I held my first entrepreneur meetup at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. 5 people attended and I paid $300 for a small room. I felt really silly because I knew 3 out of the 5 people who attended, and why pay that much money to see my friends? Still, that night I realized that I really enjoy the process and the experience of bringing people together. No matter what.

Slowly but surely, that little meetup group grew and grew. From 5 people to 10, 20, 50, then 100, then more than 300 people. And today, more than 3,000. Out of that group BizTechDay was born!

BizTechDay was born because of a conversation with Gary Marshall (of the Small Business Administration). We thought the entrepreneurial community need to learn from the best from both worlds–from the business side and from the technology side. Why not create an event for that? When I didn’t have a good answer to “Why not?” I decided to ask myself instead: “What am I waiting for!”

BizTechDay is built on the philosophy that the most important aspect of a successful business is not about what you know or how you do things (though those are obviously important elements). The most important thing is to have great people around you. This isn’t to be confused with just networking or a popularity contest. Instead, it’s about living a life and doing business with people you trust, like, and learn from. Your co-founder, investors, advisors, employees, customers, fans and partners–it is the WHO that will make or break your business. They are the ones who want to see you succeed. They are the ones who will help make our entrepreneurial journey worth all the sweat we put in.

With that in mind, BizTechDay is really a conference about people. We of course have amazing speakers and innovative technology demos, but for us the most important thing is to facilitate the connections between you and other attendees, not just from the speakers to the audience. If every single one of us walks away from BizTechDay 2010 with at least one meaningful business connection, a relationship that will truly help and change your business for the life time, we will have done our job.

I’m sharing this story now so you can get a look at the spirit behind the conference, and maybe understand why I’m always talking excitedly about it.:)

I truly believe when amazing people get together, magic happens. Imagine 1500 doers and changemakers in Seattle, New York and San Francisco all come together to support you.

How cool is that?

BizTechDay is a conference where
inspiring entrepreneurs share practical business
and technology strategies.

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