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By Luanne Teoh on 06-21-2011

Luanne Teoh

June 21, 2011

The growth of group buying sites has been phenomenal since Groupon exploded into the scene three years ago. Daily deal sites are now more focused by providing deals based on niche categories such as food and beverage based deals, adventure based deals or health and beauty focused deals.

The chart below presents a picture of how the industry has grown since 2008. Fueled by the economic climate of the times, everyone loves a deal.


We put together a list of group buying sites for your reference. This is by no means an exhaustive list because group buying sites pop up everyday or at least it seems like they do.

We compiled it just to give you an idea of the variety of group buying, coupon, daily deals and discount sites out there.


Type of Business / Deals / Offers / Discounts

Alexa Ranking

Groupon Daily deals by city 281
LivingSocial Daily lifestyle deals by city 524
Shirt Woot One shirt a day deal 896
Wine Woot One type of wine a day deal 896
Kids Woot One toy a day deal 896
Woot One product a day deal 896
Gilt Luxury brands, lifestyle and accessories 1,486
EverSave San Francisco based daily deal 2,179
HauteLook Designer brand deals 3,203
Ideeli Brand name apparel and lifestyle deals 3,468
BuyWithMe Daily deals and crowd sourced for a free deal 7,492
GroopSwoop Merged with BuyWithMe 7,492
MyDailyThread Merged with BuyWithMe 7,492
Mamapedia Mom-friendly focused deals 9,637
Thrillist Male skewed offers and deals 10,997
Yipit Group buying aggregator site 11330
DailyCandy Female skewed offers and deals 13,564
Bloomspot Daily deals for 11 top tier US cities 14,469
Tanga 24 hour daily deals with second chance deals 16,828
WhiskeyMilitia One product a day deal 28,323
8Coupons Location based deal tracker 29,513
Zozi Outdoor activity based deals 29,108
Wahanda Health, beauty and lifestyle based deals 36,246
DODTracker Deal of the day tracker across categories 62,101
HalfOffDepot U.S, EU and Australia based half off deals 72,327
AHALife Luxury goods daily deal 87,443
DealRadar Group buying aggregator site 98,597
TownHog San Francisco based daily deals 118,784
CrowdSavings Daily deals and big discounts 123,508
DoodleDeals NYC area kids based deals 130,343
ThingFling Electronic deals 132,364
TripAlertz Travel based deals 166,645
SocialBuy Daily deals in 7 metro areas 170,294
TheDailySave Lifestyle based deals 179,732
Twongo Daily lifestyle deals 218,942
ScoopSt NYC based daily deals 248,576
Dillyeo 36 year old discount store turned daily deal site 256,504
SoWhatsTheDeal Washington DC based daily deals 512,560
TheGreenHalf Sustainable and environment friendly deals 608,205
WowWhatSavings Restaurant based deals 649,476
NimbleBuy Major brand  retailer deals 698,500
TheDealist NYC based deals 736,818
Dealster Daily deals and gift certificates 767,519
GoToGroupBuy Start your own crowd-sourced  based daily deals 1,161,260
InBundles Food and beverage based deals 1,188,218
PriceBunch Crowd sourced based deals 1,285,727
FlyCoupon Daily deals 1,296,489
GetSugar Boston area deals 1,190,767
Giggo Daily deal for Latinos 4,952,304
Kupoz $2 based daily deal 11,514,710

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