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By Luanne Teoh on 09-15-2011


2011 has been a great year so far for the cloud computing industry. Citrix, Salesforce, HTC, Rackspace, Acer, Century Link and Adobe are gobbling up smaller players with Savvis receiving the Lion’s share of $2.5 Billion from CenturyLink.

This signifies incredible growth within cloud computing as more start-ups with cloud-based services are getting funded. We have compiled a list of some of this year’s well known acquisitions and fundings below.


Category Acquired By
1. Open Source Cloud Solutions Citrix for $200-$500 Million (estimated)
2. Heroku App Development Platform Salesforce for $212 Million
3. Dashwire Mobile Services Platform HTC for $18.5 Million
4. Cloudkick Infrastructure Management Rackspace for $30 Million (estimated)
5. iGware Gaming Software & Tools Support Acer for $320 Million + $75 Million Performance Based Payment
6. Savvis Date Center Services Century Link for $2.5 Billion
7. dimdim Web Conference Services Salesforce for $31 Million
8. Demdex Audience Management solutions Adobe Systems for $58 Million
Company Category Funded By
1. Firehost Cloud Web Hosting Solutions The Stephens Group & Pat Sullivan $12 Million
2. Tabulous Cloud Tablet Hosting Solutions Angel Investments $1 Million
3. CouchBase NoSQL Database Solution Mayfield, Accel, Northbridge, Ignition Partners $30 Million
4. Parse Mobile App Backend Solution Start, Google, Menlo, SV Angel & Private Individuals $1.4 Million
5. Cloudability Cloud Billing Expense Management Tyler Sloat $150k
6. MongoLab DBaaS Provider Foundry Group $3 Million
7. MongoHQ Data Hosting Platform Start Fund, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures $417K
8. GraphOn Application Delivery Solutions Softbank $7.1 Million
9. StackMob Mobile App Development Platform Trinity Ventures, Harrison Metal Capital,

Baseline Ventures $7.5 Million

10. ScaleXtreme Systems Management Accel Partners, Ignition Partners

$13.5 Million

Image courtesy of Sonian

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