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By Luanne Teoh on 08-09-2011

According to recent data on mobile phone dominance, we either live in the United States of Android or iPhone. So far, Android seems to be the dominating choice of mobile operating system with a 38% lead. iOS on the other hand is not far behind capturing 33% of the market share — just 5% behind Android. The smartphone market is undoubtedly a highly competitive one where each percent market share is hard-earned.

According to Jumptap, a mobile advertising platform who put out a report confirmed that southern and western states like Florida, Texas, California, and Oregon are dominated by Android. The Midwest and New England states on the other hand are dominated by Apple devices.



According to ComScore’s latest figures below however, Android leads the market with 40% share and iOS at 26.6%. However, even with Android dominating the market, iOS outperforms in terms of Click-Through Rates (CTR) at .78% compared to .47% of Android. The average among all the OS is .52% with Blackberry at the bottom of the ladder at .36%



Regardless of the market domination between operating systems, one thing is key — it is a consumer’s market. With so many smartphones and operating systems to choose from, the battle for the consumer’s mind share and wallet have only just begun — especially with the introduction of 4G networks across the country.

Source: Jumptap & ComScore

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