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By admin on 04-08-2009

microphone.jpgYou got the venue. You got the special guest speaker. You arranged all the food and beverage.

So you are all ready for your next event? Not exactly… You need people! You need audience!

All your friends promise you they will be there, but you want more. You want new faces and you have no idea how to get the words out.

Here is a list of 50 websites you can list & promote your next event: (BTW – I listed free listing websites by their Alexa Ranking)

Free Listing
1. – Yahoo Event Listing service

2. Google Base – Google Beta Event Listing

3. – I don’t really like myspace, but still you should know they have event posting capability.

4. Facebook – Post your event then invite your groups or friends

5. Friendster – Use the “Post Bulletin” function to announce your event

6. Craigslists

7. – Use “Answer” to ask the right question and invite people.

8. Technorati Kitchen – I have to be honest. I have just discovered this myself and not exactly sure how it work, but Technorati has TONS of traffic, we should go and figure it out.

9. Evite – Check out their new feature sending your event info to your phone.

10.Metromix – Entertainment Events only.

11. – Sport & Active Event only.

12. – I love their slogon “Life is Short … make it Eventful!”

13. – Free Local Classifieds Ad

14. – Event listing for cities including NYC, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and my hometown – San Francisco.

15. – Free PR Service.

16. – Free time sign up is free. I used them a few time. They are great!

17. ZEvents

18. TechSoup –For Non Profit Only. Follow instruction to join Upcoming.Org.

19.Local Wine – Wine Event Only.

20. – Getting people involved.

21. Network for Good – For Non Profit Event Only.

22. – Free Press Release Distribution & Writing Services.

23. Event Setter

24. EventBee – I like their network ticket selling concept. Sell tickets through other websites & blogs.

25. – Asian Event Listing for cities including NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Portland, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei.

26. – Technology Event Listing

27. Events.Org – Free

You can pay to get the word out…

28. Google Adwords – You can even do Audio Ads now. Wow..

29. – Target audience to your specific event. I love meetup. Check out my two entrepreneur groups in San Francisco.

30. PRWeb – Presss release newswire

31. PRNewswire –Paid PR Services – The Traditional Channel for press release

32. Daily – Paid Ad or Article on Daily Candy

31. MyPRGenie – New Beta Program for Public Relation Online.

32. Ripple Ad Center – Advertise your company or event on any screen in their media network for the following cities: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. You will find their screen in businesses such as Tully, Juffy Lube and Jack in the Box etc.

Do you have a Green Event?

33. – Green Event Only. Contact them.

Are you from the Bay Area?

34. The Chronicle News – Free listing, but you have to email them the details. No online form.

35. Mercury News Events – Free Listing for Silicon Valley

36. InfoBayArea – Paid ad for Bay Area Events

37. San Francisco – Johnny only accept free and fun event posting

38. – Still in Beta version for San Francisco & LA Area only.

If you are not from the Bay Area…

39.New York Event – TimeOut New York. Free.

40. Seattle Times Events – Free

41. Chicago Tribute – Paid Ad

42. South Florida Sun – Paid Ad

43. Baltimore Sun – Paid Ad

44. Virigina Events – Free

45. Access Atlanta - Free

46. Los Angeles Times – Free.

47.Salt Lake City City Weekly - Free

48. Portland Live PDX – Free

49. Boston Calendar - Free

50. Discover San – Free

51. Upcoming (Philadelphia) – Free

52. Denver Post – Free

Just for Fun
International Event Calendar – You can find out what important events are going on in the world!

(Don’t Even) Think About This
Never Never Never spam anyone. No one would show up to an event organized by spammer.

6 Responses to “52 Websites to Promote Your Next Event”

  1. Free Ticket Classifieds Says:

    Great list you put together. I do have a suggestion for your list, Free Ticket Classifieds. The site is new but is generatiing a lot of traffic – great to promote your event! Sorry for the shameless self promotion.

  2. Dustin Nielson Says:

    If your looking for an inexpensive way to promote or sell tickets online you should checkout the Facebook application Viral Events. Viral Events does NOT charge a per ticket transaction fee for selling tickets like most companies and offers some nice tools for promoting your event from within Facebook

  3. Jenn Says:

    There is a cost but they are willing to work within your advertising budget.

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  5. sandya Says:

    Thanks a lot, Great information. Can u suggest me some website list for posting the webinar events?

  6. Jack Nelmark Says:

    Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..

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